Helping Others


Donation Request Conditions


 Parnham Group PTY LTD is an Australian and family-owned business. We are committed to helping people with special needs and/or communities during times of need. 


Over the last 50 years, our company has grown thanks to the unwavering support from the Australian community, and thus, we actively seek to give back to the community in any way we can. The type of donations provided are typically support and well products.


For donation consideration, you must complete the form below.

To make the donations process clear and to ensure that the donated goods end up in the beneficiaries' hands, we require applicants to adhere to the following policies and procedures:  

  1. All applications must be completed in full and submitted at least one month prior to the date by which the support needs to be provided.
  2. The completed form should fully explain the nature of the contribution being sought and include all requested documentation.
  3. We encourage your organisation to be an ACNC Registered Charity (Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission).
  4. Parnham Group PTY LTD makes these goodwill donations as a meaningful contribution to local communities, however, as a corporation, we appreciate the mention of our company on your social networks, as well as your permission to promote our charitable work via our marketing channels.  



Published by: Therapeutic Pillow